Urban Immersion Service Retreats is a program of Greater Minneapolis Community Connections (GMCC - formerly Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches). GMCC serves mothers, fathers, kids and elders in the Twin Cities area and throughout greater Minnesota. Our core mission is uniting people of faith, serving people in need. We strive to prevent hunger, provide a positive foundation for youth, encourage cultural diversity, and pursue the end of poverty. 


Who We Are 

Urban Immersion Service Retreats (UISR) creates and facilitates training’s and immersions focused on educating participants about the complexities and root causes of poverty and social justice issues within our communities.  


What We Do 

We seek change: from going on mission trips to living the mission, from ignoring poverty to effecting a positive response. We educate and empower people of all ages to be change-makers in their community. Through our immersions and trainings, we create a deeper understanding of the complexities of poverty through team building activities and critical reflection. 

Immersions →

Immersions of various lengths are a way for groups to experience the many issues contributing to poverty and root causes of social justice issues, to learn from and serve alongside organizations doing good work in the Twin Cities of Minnesota and to take what they discover and learn and address the issues in their own communities. 

Poverty & privilege trainings →

Poverty & Privilege Trainings are customized trainings tailored to the specific needs of individual companies, communities and organizations. Simulations and other interactive exercises are used to instruct and demonstrate the everyday challenges faced by the working poor.  

Questions? Contact us here or call 612-276-1568.